Hey Suga, I’m Tara L. Paige!


Hey Suga!

What’s up! So here’s the deal! I know that you are like what makes her qualified, bonified(country porch talk) and capable of telling me anything about anything!

You’re right! You should ask because you know people are out here faking and shaking pretending to be a whole lotta what they are not! Well let me first say that I’ve been there done that. I wasn’t telling lies I just was fearful of telling my whole truth.

I didn’t want anyone to know when I failed or messed up! I didn’t want anyone to see me struggle or have a bad day. Then it hit…..is that not what makes me who I am? The plethora (y’all know we make big messes when trying to do BIG things….that comes with territory, right) of messes (is that a word) have made me stronger and more knowledgeable about my self and my journey! I’ve learned a lot, am more confident and eager to share lots with you. Are you ready?

 So jump in with me….come on and join this wife, mother of 8, grandma(who goes by Nomi), educator, business owner and lover of life! Let’s make it happen together! Im here to share it all…..because my life is not perfect, I’ve just learned to embrace the journey!

Come On In!

Take a Peek Into My Journey

Don’t Let Me Tell It …

“Soror Tara Paige, you rocked the house, as our keynote. I was honored to introduce you. Thank you for being you and for inspiring others to be their authentic self.”

Timeka G.

” Thank you Tara for helping me to shift my brand from online to local.  Next stop, Global! ”


The Tara L. Paige brand as well as the person is a source of love, knowledge and compassion. There are no limits to her desire to reach the masses of individuals with passion and purpose.


You should also know…

Life is not about a bowl of freebies!  It takes hard work to become what you want.  So here I am!  I realized it and started kicking down doors, presenting my well thought out plans and making a new name for me in this thing called entrepreneurship.

The grave difference between now and then….I honestly realized that I had to make smart ADULT decisions(I promise we will discuss this), Be true and authentically me,  Not give a GLAM about what anyone else was doing but completely focused on blazing my own trails!  I have children…..it’s time to create a legacy! So no more talking, it’s time to work!  Are you in or what?

Get in touch now

Let’s connect! If you’ve gotten this far then something is resonating with you.  I’m almost positive it’s my ability to be real and not sugar coat shit! (Don’t tell my mom I used a curse word…..she would just die). I’ve been there and I’ve done it all!  I can speak at your event, host a private academy or we can collaborate on something cutting edge, exciting and fun!  You’re one click away from connecting with me!  Let’s go!