I am so sick of having so many ideas swirl inside my head that never come to pass. There is nothing more frustrating than replaying the “what if” scenario, knowing that it never leads me to actually doing remarkable things. Is it just me that is constantly talking myself out of exploring my potential, sharing my passion with others and using my expertise to help someone else follow their dreams? I am just absolutely, unequivocally, unapologetically… tired.

I have a brain. A smart one. A creative one. An inspirational one. I am a genius and you know what? You are too! We possess an inner power that can make the world beg for our talents and gifts. But if we believe this to be true, then tell me this: Why In the world of wonder are we talking ourselves out of our greatness? You know what I am talking about.

What about your grand idea that’s already written, planned and approved by your best friend (who absolutely loves your ideas ALL the time) that is one step away from execution? The crazy
thing is, our reasons for never starting is based on why we can’t and why they won’t support.
This is crazy as hell and far beyond that, this is absolute insanity. Yes, I just said that we are certified insane for giving fear a moment to resonate within us to where we never share our genius with those who need us. So here is a thought: F** YOU! That’s right I said it, F** YOU!

FIRE YOU, right now!

Fire your thoughts, your fears, and that little negative chattery side of yourself that sits on your right or
left shoulder, RIGHT NOW! You and I both have been insanely and incredibly stupid for keeping
ourselves from experiencing the fullness of life that comes with blessing others with our skills. Don’t you dare allow another excuse, statistic or untested theory to keep you from this defining moment. This is pure truth, all facts and the problem is ME and YOU. But, hey…I am in this thing with you.

I was afraid to express my passion, thinking “no one needs or wants what I have.” Until, I realized this was a lie when people kept asking me to share a bit of my genius with them. Then, I was afraid to package my skills and thought to myself, “no one is going to pay me for what I have to offer.” Ha! That was the ultimate lie I told to myself. Are you going to keep believing this about yourself too?
FIRE YOU NOW! Let the old you go and fire yourself to replace you with a relentless, resilient, positive, “can’t stop won’t stop” version that will lead you into exploring it all.

Fear is the roadmap to success.

Be fearless! You must try to fail to learn from it to allow you to be pushed into it. Fire you, take risks and live unapologetically. But it all starts with YOU.

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