Position Yourself For Power

Many times, we sit back and see others using their power skills and feel like ours are null and void. We disregard our skillset, our language, and way of doing things only to find ourselves feeling inadequate to have a superpower. Before we go further, let me start by asking you four questions.

  • Are you a leading woman?
  • Do you have a unique skill?
  • Is your brain on or off? (Stay with me…this will make sense in just a moment.)
  • Have you ever helped anyone, reached out to someone or just made someone’s day with your presence?

If you answered yes to these questions there are two things that you need to know:
You have super POWERS.
You have positioned yourself to utilize your power but didn’t know what to call it.
Success starts with knowing what you have. Success grows with effectively using what you have. So, here are five ways to tap into your power:
Tap into what you know.
“But I don’t know anything, Tara?” Oh, but you do!

You just answered yes to all of my questions, so Suga, you know lots. You are a woman! (Yasssssss Girl Yasssss!) That alone makes you stronger than three superheroes rolled up in one (Catwalk Diva, Catwalk Girrrrrl). You have a unique skill and now it’s time to master it. It’s okay if you’re not the master of your gift yet, but you know enough about it to have people inquire how to do it. Now you know, you have something to tap into.
Start exactly where you are by pouring what you already have to start heading where you see yourself going. START NOW!

Your Brain? Is it on or off?
“Tara, Really?” Yes, I know, but I must ask and here’s why?
When you are open to learning and receptive to new things your brain is on. When you are closed, narrow-minded and unable to see past your own flaws, your brain is off. Bottom line, if your brain is off…. STOP READING AND GO FIGURE OUT HOW TO TURN YOUR BRAIN ON. This article will not help you until you choose to help yourself first. Before you can position yourself for POWER, you must get past the negative chatter in your head. I’m not here to sugar coat it, Suga. Before I can push you to POWER, you must first believe you have it.
Let’s GO! (For all my Lil’ Sugas with brains in the ON position)

If you have ever lent yourself or your expertise to someone before? Go ahead and pop your collar. You have experienced what it feels like to be in a powerful position. Someone needed your service, your expertise and picked your brain to spark their own. That Suga, is POWER. You are tapping into it and you should feel amazing.
Package your expertise and present it to someone to purchase. (Literally. It doesn’t take much and I’m going to tell you exactly what to do.)
Write your expertise down on paper. (What item or service do you offer?)
Create a proposal around it. (Who are you? What do you offer? How can you serve them? What is the benefit? Why should they choose you? Ask for the opportunity?)
Submit the proposal. (It’s time to tap in and utilize your POWER at a higher level.)
Do NOT just submit to one person. Submit to several people. In fact, at a minimum, submit at least 10 proposals a day. How else will people know you exist?
Brag about it!

People have so much to say about people who talk about themselves and what they do. But, if I don’t share with you my success or what I’ve accomplished, then how can you trust me as a leader or expert in my field? You can’t teleport your ideas into your future client’s head. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the world of Star Trek or Flash Gordon (I know you have no clue about Flash Gordon, but go look it up…one of my favorite movies as a kid). We empower others when we use and celebrate the power that empowers ourselves.
Ultimately, it’s up to you to know your power. Then, it’s up to you to share your power. Now, it’s time to position yourself for power.

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