Summer Twisted Fall Celebration

I always welcome the Fall! The fall foliage, weather changes, warm colors…..yasssssss! I’m in love! New seasons is a great reason to have a celebration! So to celebrate I invited a few friends over for great laughs and some fab food! I decided to add a little flair to a quick, easy, simple and inexpensive summer time staple, with a fall twist. Hot Dogs! Yes! yes! yes! I created a gourmet hot dog bar and it was an absolute hit. So much so that the usual staples for hot dogs weren’t missed at all (chili, cheese),

The sky is the limit when it comes to toppings. So I’ll just list a few. I did the usual starters including ketchup, mustard, and mayo. The other toppings…..(mouth watering moment),
Chopped Mixed peppers
Hot Mango Salsa
Mild chunky salsa
Cole slaw
And more! I did take a sneak peek at one of my fav sites and get some ideas. PINNNNNNNNTEREST! (OMG, that site makes you think you can diy anything!) I don’t know about you but I sure do feel empowered! Lol! Anyway, ok let me get back to the topic at hand! Hot dogs and WAIT until I tell you about that scrumptious desert! (I wish there were a licking fingers emoji) i didn’t have time to actually place hot dog recipes around my fall set up, but I sure did think it was a great idea. The bar alone will be a hit, giving your guests options will only make this idea a bigger hit! So try it! It will change the way your guests think about serving up hotdogs when entertaining.

Having a great main course is important, but nothing like an amazing desert?
My husband mentioned he wanted some grilled peaches! I thought hmmmm that would be a great accent to the gourmet hot dog bar. First things first, shucks I’m NO chef, so I hadn’t a clue where to begin. Oh but my second best online friend Google was right there for me! I googled grilled peaches and one of my fav chef recipes popped up! @BobbyFlay! It was super easy to follow and delicious. I did go a step further and add a scoop of ice cream (melted because I love it like that), a drizzle of caramel syrup and I topped it with some mixed nuts(not shown). This dessert was an amazing way to end the day!

What I love the most is entertaining, a good wine and a ton of laughter! What about you?

Until next time, yall be easy, like Sunday morning….


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