Tara L. Paige

I’m Tara L. Paige, a wife, mother and serial entrepreneur with a relentless drive to push women into their purpose and passion.

My high-octane, “no nonsense” personality is grounded to empower women like you to build a life beyond your fears and stagnation. I’m not only a leading voice for courageous women, I also consult with creatives and entrepreneurs like you to guide you towards your life goals and dreams.

There’s much more to share so stay tuned and let me be your prime example of how headache, heartache and real hard falls can turn into absolute success.

My philosophy

Unending success continues to chase after me (I’m not bragging, I promise….keep stalking me, I’ll share how many times I’ve fallen on my face!), as I add another stripe of achievement by publishing my second book, The Book of Glam(get your copy here).

Along the way I gained a knack for media so you may have seen me on the

  • Hollywood Divas Reunion Show
  • Good Morning Texas and
  • Other CBS affiliates

I don’t know it all but I’ve done a lot along the way!

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