My life has always been a bowl of business trials.  I’ve tried them all!  I’ve been successful at some and failed at others.  But…..Business is my happy place!  When I talk about it you will see me come to life.  I mean something similar to how David Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk type transformation.

I looooove it y’all!  So here you will find all sorts of business info!  I’m not limited to one area although my expertise is global brand strategy!  I have learned how to take brands to new heights by connecting them to known brands and increasing their visibility!

I’m self taught!  My failures are your golden nuggets!  I’ve learned a lot over the years and I’m ready to share a lot with you.  Put your seat belt on…..we are about to take off and it’s going to be fast and furious!

Living the dream…

It’s ok to fall, just don’t get comfortable on the floor.

Get in touch now

Let’s connect! If you’ve gotten this far then something is resonating with you.  I’m almost positive it’s my ability to be real and not sugar coat shit! (Don’t tell my mom I used a curse word…..she would just die) I’ve been there and I’ve done it all!  I can speak at your event, host a private academy or we can collaborate on something cutting edge, exciting and fun!  You’re one click away from connecting with me!  Let’s go!