I always wanted a big family.  I have a good friend that reminds me of my wants often lol!  Well, I did!  I just always thought having a big family would keep the house noisy and you’d always have a friend to play with.  I got exactly what I wanted.  I’m a mother of 8.  Yup, I said 8.  I’m a Nomi(grandma)to 5 and a Tia to  many!  We travel, create holiday schedules and do our best to have fun now!  Yeah there was one time I wanted to throw the whole family away(i told you I was not going to lie to you) and start over!  Talk about a trial!  Thankfully, prayerfully and winefully I made it through! Now I’m sharing….the good, the bad, the foolishness, the funny and all the love!

You’re welcome to come join me anytime, you be kin nah!(my Color Purple reference!  There is always a reason to insert a line from that movie). 

We are ONE…

You call it chaos, we call it family

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Let’s connect! If you’ve gotten this far then something is resonating with you.  I’m almost positive it’s my ability to be real and not sugar coat shit! (Don’t tell my mom I used a curse word…..she would just die) I’ve been there and I’ve done it all!  I can speak at your event, host a private academy or we can collaborate on something cutting edge, exciting and fun!  You’re one click away from connecting with me!  Let’s go!