This is my crazy kick back life!  You can easily find me throwing down in the kitchen (yes I will share some recipes) , entertaining my friends(wine, trap music, good eats and a whole lotta laughter) , tapping into my newly found decorating skills (no one could figure out my style so I created my own‍) or creating some easy craft(super easy…DO NOT bring me a puzzle of a million pieces….you will get the “oh no you didn’t” stare.  Wrap it all  up and in short, I’m living my best life!

Get Busy…

Live your best life!  You don’t have time to go back and forth with anyone!

Get in touch now

Let’s connect! If you’ve gotten this far then something is resonating with you.  I’m almost positive it’s my ability to be real and not sugar coat shit! (Don’t tell my mom I used a curse word…..she would just die) I’ve been there and I’ve done it all!  I can speak at your event, host a private academy or we can collaborate on something cutting edge, exciting and fun!  You’re one click away from connecting with me!  Let’s go!