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Biz journal: How a local entrepreneur grew a Facebook group into an outdoor living brand

Tara L. Paige had seen the number of members growing on the online community she created to share outdoor living and decorating but didn’t realize its full reach until she went to purchase a stool another member had posted about. Then, the cashier told her the store was sold out nationwide, because “some Facebook group” had made it popular.

Forbes: Where Are The Black Home Design Personalities? This One Created Her Own Platform

Texas mom of eight Tara L. Paige didn’t see Black women represented in the home design media ecosystem so she decided to create her own space.


Tara’s passion was ignited as she explored options for extending her living space beyond her four walls amid Covid-19 shelter in place orders. As she imagined ways to elevate her own backyard, she scoured programs online and on television and quickly realized that African Americans were dreadfully underrepresented among the long list of highly celebrated hosts and

House Beautiful: How Tara Paige Is Changing Black Representation in Outdoor Space Design

Like many great ideas, The Patio Chic arose to fill a void: When faced with stay-at-home orders, Tara Paige decided to invest in redesigning her porch and patio—and took to the internet for inspiration. "I really wanted to find other women that looked like me to see their twist on it," recalls Paige, who is Black. "But there was not even an option. And my mother always told me, 'if you can't find it, create it!'

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